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Many of you have more than likely met Scott, and you may have already experience one of his incredible massages. If you haven’t yet, you’ll definitely want to put that on your to do list. While Scott loves to focus on deep tissue work, he has recently added a new certification to his toolbelt of techniques, hot stone massage. This modality is incredibly relaxing in general, but Scott takes it to an entirely new level by adding it to his already amazing forearm and deep tissue massages.

If you’re not familiar with it, hot stone massage is where your therapist uses warmed stones to massage you, just like they normally would with their hands. It kind of feels like you’re getting massaged by someone with really firm, really warm hands. Hot stone massage truly is incredible! It’s generally a technique associated with relaxation, but when you combine the heat of the stones with other types of massage, the benefits only increase. The heat allows the muscles to relax much more deeply and much faster than with a standard massage. You know how loose your muscles can feel after putting on a simple hot pack for a few minutes. Now imagine that relaxed feeling even deeper within the muscles, and add a deep massage with that. When the muscles are relaxed from the heat, your body is much more receptive to the massage; meaning your therapist can work more efficiently, accessing deeper parts of the muscles sooner and without as much pressure.

Scott’s known for his amazing use of forearms in his massages, working deep into the muscles with broad pressure. His combination of hot stones delicately worked into his unique massage style is sure to give you the ultimate in relaxation while still giving you the therapeutic benefits your muscles really need. Whether it’s from an intense workout, a hard day’s work, an injury, or a full week of wrangling kids, this style will help you find the relief you’ve been searching for. Scott’s customized sessions allow for him to target your problem areas and find relief. His combination of hot stone, forearm work, and deep tissue massage will leave you wondering why everybody doesn’t offer this service


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