The Benefits of Regular Massage

Many people book a massage when they’ve injured themselves or when they’re having difficulties with their day to day activities. While we love to see you when you need us the most, there are benefits to scheduling massage appointments on a regular basis instead of waiting until you’re in desperate need. Here’s why you need to make massage a part of your life regularly and how we make it easier for you here at Fire & Ice.

Relaxation & Stress Management

We live busy, hectic lives that often leave very little time to relax except when we close our eyes to sleep. When you’re constantly on the go and don’t have time to rest, it’s easy for your body to stay in “fightor-flight” mode. You can remain in this stressed state for weeks at a time between balancing work, family obligations, working out, taking care of the kids, doing yard work...the list goes on. But staying like this Being in this wreaks havoc on your body resulting in exhaustion, lowering of your immune system, and poor digestion. When you start incorporating massage into your life regularly, you are bringing your body out of that fight-or-flight mode. Your body is going to a state of true relaxation where it feels safe and can recharge, body and mind.

Emotional healing

Because of our busy lives many feel disconnected and even depressed. We often communicate with others from a distance on social media or only through our cell phones. We also live in a time where personal space is of utmost importance and sometimes we avoid the touch of others. While having personal boundaries and holding others accountable to respect those personal boundaries is very important, people are becoming touch deprived. Yes, there is such a thing as touch deprivation, which can actually lead to depression. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, touch is one of the 5 basic senses for a reason. When we’re touched in a positive welcoming way, the body releases serotonin, a “natural antidepressant”, and cortisol levels are lowered, as is our heart rate. Even, and maybe especially, for those who have experienced some form of traumatic touch, such as that with abuse or an assault of some sort, this positive, healthy form of touch can help in the healing process of those emotional wounds. This is all backed by extensive research. Making regular massage a part of your life can give you the positive touch your body needs to get that serotonin flowing and keep you happy and healthy.

Injury Recovery & Prevention

Massage is well known for its benefits in treating and rehabilitating the body after an injury. Our therapists here are well-versed in a variety of techniques that can help you recover from all sorts of conditions, from frozen shoulder to sciatica, and more. But did you also know that regular massage may help prevent injuries from ever occurring. I’m not saying you’ll never get injured if you start getting regular massages, but rather that it does decrease the likelihood of some injuries. While the research is out on exactly why this is, one theory makes a lot of sense; that because massage increases your body awareness, you become more cognizant of how you move and notice even slight indications that something may be about to go wrong, so you alter your movements to accommodate, thus potentially preventing an injury from occurring.

Here at Fire & Ice, we see the importance of regular massage and have taken steps to make it easily accessible to our clients. That’s why we offer massage packages to give you multiple modalities and visits at a decreased price. This gives you the opportunity to make massage a part of your regular healthcare routine, without having to dig deeper in your pocket. Give us a call or book online today and start reaping the benefits. You maintain the oil in your car, why wouldn’t you maintain the health of your body?


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