What is the best massage for relaxation?

Recently a friend told me he frequented the massage chairs at the mall. I kind of just stared at him in disbelief.

"Really?" I asked him perplexed about why he chose to get a massage in the middle of a public walking area.

"Yeah, sometimes I just like to relax and you just do the medical stuff, right?" he asked.

Intention. It goes a long way. Often I fail as a practitioner to ask my client the goal for his massage. I think our society today often under estimates the power of relaxation. So many things happen within our body when we simply let go. Whether it be letting go of tension or stressful thoughts that have plagued us for days and will continue to taunt us for days to come. The intention of letting everything go can help us find peace in the simplicity of just being in the moment receiving the massage on the table.

More often than not, when I am uncomfortable I catch myself shallow breathing holding my breath. Sometimes I have to remind myself to just breath. Exhale the negativity and breathe in the tranquility that only I can accept into my life. Breathing helps my muscles begin to release and my mind to calm. The oxygen I breath in helps to improve my circulation and blood flow through out my body.

Long connective massage strokes during a Swedish massage helps to ease the mind and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. Snoring, drooling, naps and astrotravel are encouraged. (Although I think I have only had one single solitary client claim to astrotravel during their massage.) Lymph often travels during the long connected strokes helping to remove metabolic waste from the tissues. Often people feel the urge to use the potty after a massage for this reason. Drinking water both before and after your massage encourages excretion and helps you to reap more benefits from your well spent time.

The light to medium pressure of a Swedish massage helps with fibromyalgia and arthritis. The Gateway Control theory says that touch helps close the gates through which pain travels helping to end the pain cycle. This is why massage is frequently being recommended by more and more doctors for chronic pain.

At Fire & Ice Therapeutic Massage, our therapists are experienced in a variety of modalities to aid our clients in healing. Swedish massage is the basic building block of many forms of massage and all of our staff our experienced in helping you reach your deepest point of relaxation. Please feel free to bring your own music, adjust the pressure or refrain from talking or asking questions. Simply tell your therapist, "I just want to relax today." We've got your back.


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