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True healing comes from within.

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We work the issues ​out of your tissues.

Whether your discomfort stems from stress, posture, injury, a chronic condition, or pregnancy, Fire & Ice Therapeutic Massage can provide the relief you’re hoping for. Our team of trained professionals has the skills to target your pain at its source. Don’t wait another day for relief. Schedule your massage today.

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Our practice now accepts insurance for massage therapy services. In order to best serve you, we must verify your insurance benefits prior to your arrival. Click on the link below to complete the online eligibility form. We will contact you as soon as the eligibility for benefits are established. In addition, you will also need a prescription from your doctor.

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A Happier Healithier You

We are a practice of licensed massage therapists and bodywork experts who believe that massage therapy is a harmonious combination of art and science that can help people live happier and healthier lives.

Our services are designed to address specific ailments at the source, so you can experience not just a slight improvement, but actual relief from conditions like musculoskeletal dysfunction, sports injury, stress, poor posture, unfavorable work ergonomics, pregnancy, and repetitive strain.

We also offer services centered around relaxation and a general release of tension for couples and individuals. Daily activity, even for those with active or low-impact lifestyles, can become hard on the body. Come in and let our skilled therapists draw that stress away in a luxurious spa environment.

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Our Most Therapeutic Offerings

Pressure point massage 2

30 Minute Focus

30 min, $45

Take a moment for daily aches and pains. A treatment that fits into any busy schedule, revitalize your body, mind, and soul with our relaxing, therapeutic invigorating focused massage on your problem areas.

You’ll leave feeling revived, rejuvenated and completely centered. Book your appointment with us today.

Swedish Massage

1 hour $69.99
1 ½ hour $104.99 
2 hours $139.98

Enjoy the full-body application of light to medium pressure for a relaxing stress-management experience in a spa-like environment. Each muscle group is targeted and soothed, gently ridding your body of accumulated stress and tension within your musculature.

Your licensed massage therapist will use deliberate movements to help flush metabolic waste from your muscles. Light, assisted stretching is incorporated to help loosen and relax your body as stiffness and pain melt away.

Add calming Aromatherapy, Real Time Pain Relief, a Sugar Foot Scrub, or Cupping to enhance your massage and leave feeling completely renewed. Swedish Massage can be enjoyed by both individuals and couples who want to enjoy a unique and rejuvenating bonding experience with their best friend or significant other.

Back Massage
Stone Treatment

Deep Tissue Massage

1 hour $79.99
1 ½ hour $119.99 
2 hours $159.98

Many people experience recurring stiffness and tension in certain areas caused by poor posture or strenuous daily activity. Deep Tissue Massage utilizes medium to deep pressure over your entire body to relieve muscles and tendons of chronic tension.

By targeting specific areas that absorb most of the strain and stress throughout the day, your licensed massage therapist will work to alleviate conditions like discomfort, muscle spasms, and tightness that can inhibit motion.

Because pressure is applied to reach deep into the musculature, you may feel some soreness during and immediately following your massage.

Add Enhancements like Aromatherapy and Real Time Pain Relief to your massage for a total relaxation experience. Deep Tissue Massage can be booked for individuals or couples who wish to share a rejuvenating experience with their best friend or significant other.

Hot Stone Massage

1 hour $85.00
1½ hour $134.98
2 Hours $170

Hot Stone Massage is a type of massage that utilizes heated stones and Swedish massage techniques to achieve a comfortable release of stiffness. The warm stones can help improve circulation and are comforting to those who might get cold easily when draped for a massage.

Basalt river stones are heated to a controlled temperature using a specialized stone heater and placed at specific points along your back, arms, legs, and abdomen.

As the warmth from the smooth stones penetrates your soft tissues, your muscles relax, allowing your licensed massage therapist to reach deeper with less pressure to relieve tension from your musculature.

He or she will also hold the stones to provide heat and soothing pressure while giving your massage.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Prenatal Massage

1 Hour $79.99

The second and third trimesters of pregnancy can be difficult, whether it’s your first or your fifth baby. Regular daily activities can become demanding or even painful. Sleep can be hard to achieve. Prenatal Massage can help relieve some of the physical and mental stress caused by the sudden changes and new challenges you’re facing during this time.

Enjoy a quiet room with tranquil lighting in a luxurious spa environment. Lay comfortably on your side, supported by pillows, and allow a licensed massage therapist to gently work the strain and tension from your tired muscles.

By releasing this stiffness and discomfort, you’ll leave feeling stronger, more limber, and totally rejuvenated.

*Clients of the Prenatal Massage must be at least 12 weeks along.*

Neuromuscular Massage

1 hour $85.00
1½ hour $127.50
2 hours $170.00

No one should have to live with chronic pain, but prescriptions and surgeries can’t always fix the problem. Neuromuscular Therapy, or NMT, addresses pain that is caused by nerve compression, postural issues, repetitive strain, inhibited circulation, tender muscle points, and more.

By balancing the neuromuscular system in targeted areas, NMT aims to correct posture and provide relief from stress and tension that causes pain and limits range of motion.

Neuromuscular Therapy is a medical massage performed by our licensed massage therapists. This soft tissue manipulation is used to treat the source of your pain within the muscular and nervous systems, so you can feel real, lasting relief long after your massage is over.


Orthopedic Massage

30 Min $45.00
1 hour $85.00

After an assessment of your problematic areas and specific complaints, your therapist will use soft tissue manipulation to release tension within your musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic Massage is designed to address dysfunction caused by injury, chronic conditions, poor ergonomics, scar tissue, and postural imbalance.

By treating the source of the problem, our skilled practitioners are able to relieve your pain and increase your mobility.

Your licensed massage therapist understands how misalignment, adhesion, and soft tissue complications can cause discomfort and limited range of motion in various parts of your body.

Using modern alignment and release techniques, he or she will restore structural balance throughout your body for both prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain.


30 Minutes $49.99
1 Hour $79.99

Specific points on the feet, hands, and ears are believed to affect the performance of various parts of the body.

Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to each of these points to improve overall health and bodily function. It is often used in addition to medical treatment for various diagnoses.

Your licensed practitioner will use his or her hand, thumb, and fingers to introduce pressure to different parts of your extremities according to the reflexology map.

Careful attention may be given to particular areas associated with physiology that might be troubling you, causing pain, or not performing well. In addition to the wellness benefits that are believed to exist, Reflexology is a soothing and enjoyable massage for the feet, hands, and ears.

Want to experience these pampering treatments for yourself? Get in touch with us to book yours today.

The Spa Overview

Set in a space of bliss and beauty, Fire & Ice Therapeutic Massage is a spectacular oasis of calm located in the Charlotte area. In our facility we aim to deliver the ultimate spa experience to give you a small break of tranquility from the hustle and bustle of day to day lives.

Each color, art piece, music, and aroma has been thoughtfully selected so that from your first step into the spa you’ll be immersed in a climate of complete relaxation. When entering through our doors we want you to take a deep breath and begin the calming process. Come explore with us and discover the health benefits of spending time in our breathtaking slice of heaven.

Fire & Ice is a leader in therapeutic massage offering in-house continuing education that our massage therapists are the first to receive. We’re driven by a desire to innovate the industry, providing a better and more effective massage for you.  

We were founded as a mobile massage service in 2015 by owner Ashley Dwyer and grew into a physical location that same year. After opening and closing a second location in 2017, we moved into our current 2,400 square-foot, eight-room facility in 2018.  It is here that we began our cutting-edge continuing education classes in April of 2019 with goals of improving the health and happiness of our clients, who often come to us with pain and limited motion, as well as the clients of all therapists who participate in the program.

Massage Therapists Near You

Our practice is a close-knit family of licensed massage therapists with certifications in everything from prenatal massage to gua sha to reflexology. Each of our therapists works on his or her own schedule and has unique specializations, but we all share the desire to innovate the field of massage and to improve the lives of both clients and therapists across the country.

Doing Our Part - Fighting Human Trafficking

We are passionate about doing our part to end the plague of human trafficking within the massage industry. In fall of 2019, we will begin offering Aromatherapy classes in conjunction with Simply Earth, a non-MLM essential oils company that donates 13% of profits to organizations that fight human trafficking.  

Voted Best Massage Practice in 2019!

 Fire & Ice Therapeutic Massage is proud to carry a perfect five-star rating from clients whose lives have been improved by the work we care so much about. We were voted Best Massage Practice in Matthews and Mint Hill in 2019 by Matthews Mint Hill Weekly and we continue to strive to be the best that we can. Schedule an appointment with us today to get the relief from pain and tension that you’ve been looking for.

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